A lot of years I've been spittin
I know what it takes to make my words glisten
Know a couple fakes try to break me and my mission
I'm afraid they too late, I ain't been known to give in
I'm driven
Rappin everyday that's how I'm livin
Ain't a beat that can compete with the heat of my vision
The fire of my gaze
The Spirit that I've raised
The desire to go out and get more than I've been given


Ben Tipper is an aspiring rapper. He has been working on Honest Effort since writing Relentless in 2015. He hopes to spend the next couple decades trying hard for personal goals and societal reform.

Tipper lives and works in Baltimore. You can find out more about him professionally at The Serenity Space or personally @TipperTheTruth on most social media. He is particularly involved in the Baltimore yoga, climbing, and hip hop communities.